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Corporate Governance

Corporate Secretary

Maria Fransiska


In accordance with Financial Services Authority Regulation No.35 / POJK.04 / 2014 concerning Corporate Secretary of Issuers or Public Companies and based on Directors Decree No. 005 / SK / DIR-GTC / 09/2019, dated 25 September 2019 concerning the Appointment of the Company's Corporate Secretary with the following assignments:

  1. As a liaison between the Company and capital market regulator institutions, namely the OJK, the IDX and other general stakeholders;
  2. As an information center for shareholders and all stakeholders who need important information relating to the Company's activities and developments;
  3. Following the development of the Capital Market, especially the legislation in force in the capital market;
  4. Provide input to the Directors of the Company so that corporate actions taken by the Directors and transactions carried out by corporations are in accordance with the rules and regulations that apply in the capital market, the Company's articles of association and the regulations and laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia;
  5. Carrying out the Company's General Meeting of Shareholders, Directors' Meetings and Commissioners' Meetings as well as reviewing the legal aspects of the Company's transaction documents;
  6. Overseeing the implementation of applicable regulations while still referring to the principles of Good Corporate Governance;
  7. Administering and storing of Company documents;
  8. Providing Investor information to the public or shareholders relating to the condition of the Company, including:
    1. Annual financial report (audited);
    2. Annual corporate performance report (annual report);
    3. Material information;
    4. Product or invention which means award, superior project, special method discovery and others;
    5. Changes in the control system or important changes in management.

The Company's Corporate Secretary can be contacted at the following address:
Main Office
Corporate Secretary
Galva Building, Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 27, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat 10120
Telephone: (021) 345 6650, Facsimile: (021) 345 6651

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Audit Committee

Edy Kuntardjo


Natalia Salim


Ivan Teguh Khristian


The Company's Audit Committee and the Audit Committee Charter have been formed in accordance with the provisions of POJK No. 55 / POJK.04 / 2015 concerning the Formation and Guidelines for the Audit Committee's Work. Based on the Decree of the Company's Board of Commissioners No. 006 / SK / DEKOM-GTC / 09/2019, dated 25 September 2019 concerning the Establishment of the Company's Audit Committee.

The term of office for members of the Audit Committee is 5 years and may not be longer than the term of office of the Board of Commissioners. Duties, authorities and responsibilities of the Audit Committee as stipulated in POJK No. 55 / POJK.04 / 2015 governing matters as follows:

  1. Reviewing financial information that will be released by the Company to the public and / or authorities, including financial statements, projections and other reports related to the Company's financial information, including compliance with accounting standards and policies in the process of preparation;
  2. Reviewing compliance with laws and regulations relating to the Company's activities;
  3. Providing independent opinion in the event of disagreements between management and external accountants for the services they provide;
  4. Providing recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding the appointment of an external accountant based on independence, the scope of the assignment and fees;
  5. Ensure the establishment of an adequate internal control system to monitor company management by evaluating and providing recommendations on improving the company's internal control system and its implementation;
  6. Reviewing the implementation of audits by internal auditors and supervising the implementation of follow-up by the Directors on the findings of internal auditors;
  7. Reviewing the implementation of risk management activities carried out by the Directors;
  8. Examining complaints relating to the Company's accounting and financial reporting processes;
  9. Examining the independence and objectivity of public accountants;
  10. Conducting a review of the adequacy of audits conducted by public accountants;
  11. Conducting an examination should there be errors in the decision of the Board of Directors meeting or irregularities in the implementation of the decision of the Board of Directors meeting;
  12. Submitting the audit report to all members of the Board of Commissioners of the Company after review conducted by the Audit Committee;
  13. Analyzing and giving advice to the Board of Commissioners regarding potential conflicts of interests of the Company;
  14. Maintaining the confidentiality of the Company's documents, data and information; and
  15. Carrying out other duties of the Board of Commissioners relating to the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners.

In carrying out its duties the Audit Committee has the following authority:

  1. Access to the Company's records, documents, data and information about the required employees, funds, assets and company resources. Related to this authority, the following reports must be submitted to the Audit Committee:
    1. Periodic financial statements;
    2. Periodic activity report of internal audit activities, risk management and implementation of Good Corporate Governance, contains a summary of activities, as well as important findings in the Company and the progress of its follow-up;
    3. Periodic activity report from the legal department, containing a summary of problems in the legal field related to regulations in the Capital Market field, and / or cases of non-compliance with the identified legal field;
    4. Other reports deemed necessary by the Audit Committee; and
    5. The form of these reports will be assessed from time to time and agreed upon with the report maker;
  2. Communicating directly with employees, including Directors and parties who carry out the functions of internal audit, risk management and accountants related to the duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee;
  3. With the approval of the Board of Commissioners, the Audit Committee may involve independent parties outside the Audit Committee members needed to assist in carrying out its duties; and
  4. Perform other authorities granted by the Board of Commissioners.

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Internal Audit


Head of Internal Audit

Duties and responsibilities of the Internal Audit Unit include:

  1. Develop and implement an annual Internal Audit plan;
  2. Test and evaluate the implementation of internal control and risk management systems in accordance with the Company policy;
  3. Examine and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness in the fields of finance, accounting, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology, and other activities;
  4. Provide suggestions for improvements and objective information about the activities examined at all levels of management;
  5. Create and submit audit reports to the President Director and the Board of Commissioners;
  6. Monitor, analyze and report the implementation of the improvements that have been suggested;
  7. Working closely with the Audit Committee;
  8. Arrange programs to evaluate the quality of the Internal Audit activities that it does; and
  9. Conduct special checks if needed

The Internal Audit Unit has authority in terms of:

  1. Access to all relevant information about the Company related to its tasks and functions;
  2. Communicating directly with the Directors, the Board of Commissioners, and / or the Audit Committee;
  3. Holding regular and incidental meetings with the Directors, the Board of Commissioners, and / or the Audit Committee; and
  4. Coordinating its activities with the activities of external auditors
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Whistle Blowing System

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Internal Audit Charter

Audit Committee Charter

Articles of Association