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Professional multimedia is an area known for its rapid change and growth. The presence of digital platforms and technologies has enabled far greater access than ever before for both creators and consumers.

Navigating these new frontiers can pose a challenge. We are here to help.

Galva Technologies offers cutting-edge tools, paired with expert services. Our diverse range of business models is fine-tuned to meet individual customer needs, and assist them in producing the premium content they envision. We realize the competitive nature of today’s media landscape and the need for efficiency and agility; without compromise in quality.

It is our business to guide customers through the media industry’s breakneck pace of innovation; providing them with the resources they need to remain at the forefront of production.

Business Case Study

Indosiar TV station

Indosiar Visual Mandiri (Indosiar) is an Indonesian national television station, operating in West Jakarta since 1994 that employs around 1,550 people and is a member of PT. Elang Mahkota Teknologi Indonesia (Emtek) - Indonesia's second largest media group. Currently, Indosiar is fully owned by Emtek’s subsidiary, Surya Citra Media. For its reality shows and singing competitions Indosiar needed a highly reliable and powerful lighting control solution – a grandMA2.

Lighting Designer Hadi Suroso specified a grandMA2 light: “Having used the console for the first time during the 2011 Southeast Asian Games in Palembang, it has never left me! It works exactly the way I work. Coming from other consoles it was very easy for me to adjust the grandMA2 to my needs, even though other programmers will often want to use it differently. Having an ever growing user group here in Indonesia together with support from Galva and the MA office in Singapore I know that help is never far away! What else could I wish for?”

The equipment was delivered by PT Galva Technologies in Jakarta.

Equipment used:
1 x grandMA2 light


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