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Whistle Blowing System



Whistle Blowing System (WBS) is a system used to accommodate, process, and follow up as well as make a report on the information submitted by the Whistleblower regarding violations that occurred within the Company.

The Company has a Whistleblowing System policy in an effort to ensure clean business practices and uphold ethics as well as a form of commitment to always balance the interests of stakeholders and also as part of the internal control system in preventing any deviation and fraudulent practices.


The scope of complaints that will be followed up by the Whistle Blowing System / WBS are actions that violate the laws and regulations and the Company’s internal regulations and/or can harm the Company, including the following :

  1. Fraud;

  2. Deviation of the Company’s regulations;

  3. Violation of the Company’s code of conduct;

  4. Deviations from applicable laws;

  5. Abuse of power/position for other interests outside the Company;

  6. Conflict of Interest;

  7. Gratification.


  1. Reports of violations are submitted to the WBS Team, whether report concerning the Board of Commissioners, Directors as well as the employees of the Company.

  2. The Whistleblower is advised to provide information regarding personal identity (name, address, telephone/mobile number, email, photocopy of personal identity) which is guaranteed by the WBS Team to be kept confidential.

  3. Reports of violations must be accompanied by supporting data or documents that show initial indications regarding the reported violations or knows as 4W & 1H:

  • What happened 

  • Who is involved

  • When it happened

  • Where it happened

  • How it happened.

  1. Reporting can be done anonymously but still must be accompanied by supporting data or documents.

  2. The WBS Team will issue proof of receipt of the Whistleblowing Reports which accompanied by personal identification, including the identity of the Stakeholder’s representatives (if represented by the Stakeholder of the institution or by company’s legal entity, they must prove their authority and power of attorney). While anonymous reporting is not given a receipt and only recorded in the list of reporting violations.

  3. Reports are submitted through the Company’s Whistleblowing System (WBS) official channel, namely:

  • The Company’s website (

  • Email :

  • An Official letter addressed to the WBS Team Leader with the address:
    WBS Team Leader PT Galva Technologies Tbk
    Galva Building, Jln. Hayam Wuruk No. 27, 
    Jakarta Pusat 10120


  1. The Company guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter and the contents of the report submitted.

  2. The Company provides protection to Whistleblowers from all forms of threats, intimidation or other harmful treatments from any party.

  3. Protection also applies to parties who provide information related to report of violations.

  4. The Whistleblower protection policy is intended to encourage every person in Company and Stakeholders to be brave enough to report violations that occur in the Company.

  5. The Company may award the Whistleblower who is proven to have saved the Company’s assets and finances.