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Our Story
The global cybersecurity landscape is moving at an alarming pace, and there is more and more evidence of large-scale data breaches, threats and intrusions. Unfortunately, there still are companies that are not aware of how cyberthreats can negatively impact their business or how they should approach this issue to protect their data. While the demand for security and risk management expertise increases, there are very few qualified resources who can address this demand from within organizations.

Headquartered in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area in Canada, Hitachi Systems Security was founded in 1999 to fill exactly this gap in the market. Hitachi Systems Security strives to bring clarity to the jungle of today’s IT security solutions, and recognizes that the brand is the heart of a company – its most valuable asset. We build and deliver customized security services for monitoring and protecting the most critical IT assets in our clients’ infrastructures 24/7. Thanks to our exclusive focus on information security and IT risk management, we have become a global IT Security Service Provider with clients in over 50 countries across the globe, who count on us to provide the right solutions for their businesses – quickly, effectively and with expertise beyond industry standards!

Who We Are
Hitachi Systems Security is a Global IT Security Service Provider who builds and delivers customized services for monitoring and protecting the most critical and sensitive information assets in our clients’ infrastructures 24/7. With a focus on IT risk management, and continuous improvement of our technology and incident response processes, our clients count on us to provide the right solutions for their businesses – quickly, effectively and with expertise beyond industry standards.

Founded in 1999, Hitachi Systems Security caters to small and medium size businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies in important, highly-regulated industries – such as financial services and government – where the need to process or store considerable quantities of confidential data is paramount. From our five Security Operations Centers (SOCs) in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Japan and Switzerland, we protect clients in over 50 countries around the world. In 2015, Hitachi Systems Security was acquired by Hitachi Systems Ltd. and has been operating under the name “Hitachi Systems Security” since July 2017.

Our Culture
The culture we have developed at Hitachi Systems Security focuses on strong customer relationships, and personalized service at all times. While we support customers on a global scale, we still dedicate the necessary time and effort towards really understanding and learning about the local cultures, adapting ourselves to their ways of doing business, and always respecting the values that are most important to them.

We demonstrate our desire to service our customers in many ways, for example by continuously producing customized monthly reports on monitoring posture, including comprehensive executive summaries and suggestions on proactive measures to improve security. This ability to provide exceptional customer care throughout our global client base has been a key strength and one of Hitachi Systems Security’s unique selling points.

Our Team
Hitachi Systems Security is truly diverse. Our team is multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual, all of which has created an environment that is rich with ideas and perspectives. It is composed of highly educated and talented professionals driven by the love of and passion for their area of expertise, who share a strong sense of solidarity and devotion to provide our clients with the highest possible service quality at all times.

Our eam is humble yet proud of the solutions and services that we develop and offer and we wear our clients’ satisfaction like a badge of honor. Most of all, our team strives to stay ahead of the curve, continuously researching new and better ways of protecting our clients’ most valuable information assets.

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