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"Galva Technologies has been a treasured partner of Etere for years. Since 2004, Etere has completed numerous projects in Indonesia alongside Galva. Their in-depth knowledge of the needs of Indonesian companies makes them an invaluable partner for Etere to reach the ASEAN market. From big name broadcasters to local media organisations, Galva Technologies and Etere have worked seamlessly together to bring the best in broadcast software technology to Indonesia. Reliable, industry savvy, and adaptable, Galva’s fierce drive for quality and industry forward standard has long since earned them our trust as a worthwhile partner. We at Etere are glad to consider them one of our most treasured partners, and hope to continue to work together in the future,"  Etere.

Founded in 1987 in Italy, Etere is amongst the worldwide leaders in Media Asset Management and Channel in a Box software solutions for broadcasters and media enterprises. Etere is a trusted provider of enterprise solutions backed by its mark of architectural excellence, flexibility and reliability. Etere's unique Etere MERP end-to-end software solutions are used by many of the world's leading Media Enterprises to power their media asset planning and enterprise resources management. With customers all over the globe, Etere is headquartered in Singapore, with a specialized 24/7 support centre in Italy.

With the expertise backed by more than two decades of experience, we strive to develop an in-depth understanding of your requirements to help you to attain results that is tailored for your success. Revolutionary concept of MERP offers an end-to-end software solution that promotes real-time collaborations across the entire enterprise and ensures optimal performance at every step of the workflow. We may not have the best specifications in every category but with Etere, you will get the measurable success, insights and results that you can trust.

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