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TVRI chooses Etere MERP and MTX to manage its second channel

TVRI chooses Etere MERP and MTX to manage its second channel

Etere and TVRI consolidate a proficient and qualified collaboration for an advanced management of a second channel.

Etere confirms its success on the broadcasting market: Indonesian TVRI, one of the most Etere’s senior customers, chooses Etere MERP and MTX to manage its second channel. Television Republik Indonesia (TVRI) is a state-owned television station with national coverage. It is based in Senayan, Central Jakarta, and it has 22 regional stations. TVRI is the only Indonesian free-to-air television channel to broadcast free-to-air outside Indonesia.

With Etere MERP, TVRI second channel has the most advanced and performing software system to integrate all activities and information thanks to the use of smooth and intelligent workflows. The MERP system manages Air Sales, Scheduling and Automation, an integration of all processes to save time and money. The best choice of software solution to streamline media operations and to manage the complete lifecycle of TVRI generating processes and sharing information between all departments. Etere MERP provides an exceptional breadth of solutions and allows TVRI to easily deploy new services. The system is characterized by exceptional integration to control all processes and operating costs.

Along with MERP the most integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market is Etere MTX, based on latest Matrox technology. This solution enables TVRI to go digital and includes master control room automation, graphics, built-in video servers, programming including secondary events as logos, crawls, audio/video router switching and transitions. The application manages and controls multiple playlists to improve efficiency, deliver superior-quality video and reduce costs. Etere MTX simplifies the overall TVRI system management and gives an SD/HD ingest & playout system with graphics and proxy file creation in real-time.

A fully workflow-based way that TVRI can customize to fit their needs. For this second channel license Etere extends the previous one to share existing resources as Media Manager, Sql database, Air Sales and BMS. It is added an Etere HiRes transcoder to allow any type of file based management for all the system on both channels, to facilitate the plan for a tapeless transition. Etere satisfies the operating requirements of media enterprise providing an environment that is optimal for state-of-the-art collaborative production.

Etere is a consistent system!

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