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Business Solutions to Eliminate IT Burdens

Here are 5 things to know to eliminate your IT burden:

1. How to know if your print fleet is fully utilized or whether you need to upgrade your fleet?

  • Working with Galva Technologies, we can help to provide free print FLEET Assessments in order to help you decide where to cut cost or optimize your print fleet. The assessment is based on data analytics plus the insights from Lexmark Industry Consultant.
  • Here is a brief info to know more (PDF 230KB). Or you can contact Galva Technologies to set up a one-on-one call.

2. What’s next, how about can you AUTOMATE task in managing your print fleet?

The effort behind managing the print fleet is usually underappreciated. But it is one of the important roles in the document workflow process. For example, daily device audit, firmware updates, detect new device, create reports for compliance, and the list goes on.

Here is more info on how to manage your fleet (PDF 539KB) and a cloud version brief

3. What if you need to manage PRINT USAGE from multiple locations without infrastructure or server?

Cloud is the solution, and I am talking about real cloud solution without you having to buy or setup your own cloud server. Lexmark Cloud Print Management gives you access to print release that is designed to be a true SaaS solution. Say goodbye to excessive print infrastructure.

You can read more about how Lexmark CPM work (PDF 1MB).

Worry about security? Lexmark has more than 15 years of experience on this and our devices are certified by 3rd party (PDF 1MB).

4. And most importantly, how SECURE are your devices? Or how often do you update your printer firmware like you do with your IOS or Android?

Here is a quick checkup to find the gaps. (PDF 313KB). At Lexmark we treat security seriously by even making sure our supply chains are secure – ISO20243 certified.

To eliminate IT burden, we provide free updates about print securities. Sign-up for free to have peace of mind

5. How lasting are your print devices? Are you burden with constant user complaints and fleet refresh?

No worries, we torture our device in ways that simulate extreme operating conditions so that IT staff do not have to keep getting calls from users. And by making it last longer so that you have a better return on your investment. And by adding an extended warranty you can prolong your device use without the headache of disruption from a fleet refresh.

Visit this site to see how we torture our devices.

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