About the Company

Galva Technologies is a leading regional partner for electronic products, supplying high-quality products such as computers, printers, displays, and audio-video equipment to a diverse portfolio of corporate clients. Our sales, engineering and support teams are well-equipped to provide business solutions to a variety of sectors. Galva is comprised of three distinct business arms: Distribution, Business Solutions, and Managed Services.

Our Distribution arm provides a supportive network that works together with partner brands, dealers, and resellers in every major Indonesian city. Within the Business Solutions unit, we understand that large and complex businesses may struggle with the challenges brought forward by rapid technology changes. Thus, our focus on expertise and engineering to provide customised solutions for every demand. For the ultimate partnership, our Managed Services team puts clients at ease, absorbing some of their printing, digital archiving and business process burdens, so they can focus on advancing their business.

Our mission as a company is to provide the best product for our consumers, the best work environment for every last member of our workforce, and tangible benefits to our surrounding community.

Company Vision and Mission

A solution provider that goes beyond expectations.

A Company that promotes:
1. Healthy Relationship with partners and customers as well as among employees
2. Healthy Business Practices that produces healthy financial and business growth
3. Healthy Contribution to society
4. Healthy Returns to shareholders

Our Business Model

Over the years Galva Technologies has worked to perfect a system that supports two principal goals: providing our customers with the technological tools they need to become more efficient and competitive; and creating long-term value for our shareholders. To achieve these goals, we invest in sophisticated new technologies to satisfy our existing clients, and also to attract new ones. Galva Technologies, like any progressive company, would not be able to exist without a dedicated workforce of the best and brightest, and a community which recognizes our positive impact. Along with our customers, these other two groups are never far from the thoughts of our leadership. The continued satisfaction of our employees plays a key role in the design and implementation of our overall strategy.

Where customer value is concerned, our extensive business portfolio and matching skills, are key to our business. However, our real competitive edge can be found in our ability to create customized solutions for individual clients. The modern corporation exists as a dizzying ecosystem of objectives and interests. At Galva Technologies, we realize that having a crystal clear understanding of our business and its relationships is an underlying factor of our success.

Our product offering is focused around the following categories:
- Content Creation
- PA & Communication
- Pro-Audio & Lighting
- Display
- Security
- Computers, Projectors & Accessories
- Document Solutions

At Galva Technologies, our business decisions can be traced back to a single concept: innovation. When we meet clients facing uniquely difficult problems, we draw upon our experience and collective range of skills. These allow us to find the necessary innovative solutions. Galva Technologies is committed to keeping up with the latest technological developments, and solving challenging problems brought to us by clients. We have learned, as a company, to measure success by current achievements, rather than past milestones.

Our Board of Directors

Front Row (Left to Right): Ibu Diana Indawati, Ibu Yanti Widjaja, Bapak Uripto Widjaja, Ibu Amelia Widjaja, Ibu Tina Widjaja.
Back Row (Left to Right): Bapak Suherman K. Atmadja, Bapak Herman Susastro, Bapak Andy Purwandi, Bapak Timothy King, Ibu July Francisca, Bapak Oki Widjaja, Ibu Tan Maria Fransiska, Bapak Johan Sugita, Bapak Santoso Gunawan, Bapak Mardani Gunawan, Bapak Bambang Gunawan.
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 27
Gambir, Jakarta Pusat 10120, Indonesia
+62 21 3456650
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