Education & Sports
Education & Sports
As the world becomes smaller, and more connected, it has become far easier for sports spectators to view the action in detail.
On a giant screen within a sports arena, or from the comfort of their living rooms. Precision equipment is required to capture an event as it happens in real time. Referees also rely more on sophisticated technology than ever before to make the best judgements, and maintain the spirit of good sportsmanship. Galva Technologies understands the demands placed upon sports federations and broadcasters; to grow with the needs of fans, and match their enthusiasm.

Teachers and lecturers nowadays have far more teaching aids they can use compared to their predecessors.
Filling a lecture hall with electronic equipment can create a dynamic and immersive study environment; bringing topics alive for students. At Galva we are aware of the expectations of students when they enter the modern classroom, and are fully prepared to assist you in making sure your learning institution is equipped to meet such demands.

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